East Irondequoit girl named World’s Strongest Ninja, set to compete on American Ninja Warrior Jr.
by: Alexa Ross
Posted: Mar 31, 2020


Josslyn “JJ” Siembor is not your average 10-year-old girl.
Standing at 4’5″, the fifth grader at Laurelton-Pardee Intermediate School is an internationally acclaimed competitor in the National Ninja League (NNL).
Siembor fell in love with the sport at the Warrior Factory in Henrietta, the site of her seventh birthday party. The owners and coaches saw her potential and urged her to sign up for a competition at the gym. She took first place in that competition, weeks after running the course for the first time.
“I can see how I’ve improved since I started and it gives me confidence to know I’m stronger than I was before,” said Siembor, who has become a mentor to members of the Warrior Factory both older and younger than her.
Over the last three years, Siembor has evolved into a fierce competitor. She even adopted a nickname, the Pigtail Ninja, in honor of her signature hairdo.
Most recently, JJ was named the World’s Strongest Ninja in the Female Mature Kids Division at the NNL World Championships in Greensboro, North Carolina.
“I was so shocked when I got the award,” said Siembor.
The World’s Strongest Ninja title was a combination of the results of the skills competition with the courses each ninja completed. Siembor placed first, second, and third in her age group on those courses.
Even though the NNL season is over, Siembor has some ninja excitement coming up. She was one of 12 children selected out of 11,000 applicants to compete on the hit show American Ninja Warrior Jr.
“I met a lot of new friends who I hadn’t met before, and it was really cool,” said Siembor. “I want to make it on the main show someday.”
Siembor makes her television debut on Friday, April 3, at 6 p.m. on Universal Kids.

Source: https://www.rochesterfirst.com/sports/local-sports/east-irondequoit-girl-named-worlds-strongest-ninja-set-to-compete-on-american-ninja-warrior-jr/
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