The Warrior Factory™ is a revolutionary entertainment facility that tests physical and mental strength through obstacles. The Warrior Factory offers customers of all ages and body types a new innovative way to have fun and push themselves to their limits, all at the same time. TWF will also feature an entire area dedicated to kids that will be used to host birthday parties as well as youth Ninja Warrior classes. It is our goal that through this new and fun way of being active we will help combat the unhealthy lifestyles so many have fallen into. Think of us as a “Fun-ness” center, fitness and fun all in one.

How The Warrior Factory came to be:
In 2016 Bernard and Carl had a gut feeling that the hobby of Ninja would someday become something much more. They saw how it brought customers together and encouraged everyday people to step out of their comfort zone. Carl and Bernard saw how kids and adults both reacted to overcoming the obstacles in front of them and what it did for their confidence. Unfortunately, at this time, there were no facilities that had anything like what they had envisioned. So, they felt so strongly about the future of this sport that in February 2017, construction began on the very first ‘Obstacle Park’. Since then the industry, popularity of the sport, and most importantly, The Warrior Factory brand, has all taken off even greater than suspected back in 2016.
A brick wall with the Warrior Factory logo on it
Luke headshot LUKE SWORTS
General Manager

Certifications: CPR & First Aid Certified, MS Creative Arts Therapy

Awards/Honors/Appearances: Course tester ANW 11 Seattle, WA; 3rd place Overall Cinco de Mjolnir ULTRA VIKING 8 HOUR 2019 Greenville, NY; 1st place Age Group Lilac Festival 5K 2019 Rochester, NY

"Thanks for checking out The Warrior Factory! As an avid runner and obstacle course racer, I find The Warrior Factory a great place to train for my own events. I have come to love the ‘NINJA culture’ of being positive and trying your best and appreciate the opportunities to share this with youth through school programs and families that make The Warrior Factory their home for fun fitness!"
Danny headshot DANNY ADAIR
Head Ninja Coach

Nickname: The Chef

Certifications: CPR & First Aid Certified, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NinjaSport Certified Ninja Coach

Awards/Honors/Appearances: 1x ANW Finalist; Atlanta - Season 8; 4x ANW Competitor; ANW6 Denver, ANW7 Orlando, ANW8 Atlanta, ANW9 Cleveland

"Welcome to The Warrior Factory website, its great to have you! As a seasoned American Ninja Warrior Competitor, former Chef-turned-Personal Trainer, and creator of the Curriculum here at The Warrior Factory, it has always been my goal to find and teach the most effective and entertaining ways to train! With a perfect mix of Fun, Fitness, and a range of services, The Warrior Factory has something to offer any and all skill levels and ages! Hope to see you soon!"
Janelle headshot JENELLE GILLIARD
Front Office Assistant/Marketing Lead

Certifications: AED, bloodborne pathogen, CPR & First Aid Certified, Bachelor of Science in Business Management

"The Warrior Factory welcomes everyone from all backgrounds and makes it very easy to feel right at home. I am grateful for all of the opportunities that I am given to work with kids, families and members of our community to make their experience at The Warrior Factory unforgettable."
Steve headshot STEVE DUONG
Team Lead

Nickname: Panda Steve

Certifications: CPR & First Aid Certified, 10 years+ competitive dancer

Awards/Honors/Appearances: 2011 Battle of the elements dance competition winner; 2013 Zero ground given dance competition finalist; 2014 Circle Feinz 2v2 dance competition winner

"Hey guys, thanks for stopping by and checking out The Warrior Factory! If you’re looking for a new way to challenge yourself in a fun, active, positive, safe environment and get a close feel of what it is like to be on the show American Ninja Warrior then this is the place in your local area. The Warrior Factory welcomes people of all ages and different athletic background and has built an incredible supportive ninja community. If you’re interested in seeing what we are all about, come on by and enjoy your experience!"
Ninja Coach

Certifications: CPR & First Aid certified, ninja sport certified ninja coach.

Awards/Honors/Appearances: ANW Season 10, tester ANW season 11, Blue Belt Gymkata (karate).

"Hola Amigos. Gracias for checking The Warrior Factory! As a monkey/ parkour guy, this facility is mind-blowing for training these crazy skills safely; from techniques on how to overcome obstacles to flips and more. Our goal is to provide a safe and challenging environment based on your skill level. With many obstacle variations, and a space that changes daily, there will always be something new to train each time you visit. If you would like to level up your upper body strength or body movement this is the place to be!"


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