How much does it cost?

Open Play sessions cost $20 per participant for a scheduled 90-minute session.
Do you have anything for kids AND adults?

We offer Family Open Play sessions. Please check our schedule online for specific times!
What do I need before going to The Warrior Factory?

The bare essentials needed to play would be a signed waiver and a dry pair of sneakers. We are a closed-toe, shoes-ON facility! No Crocs, sandals or boots permitted.
What can I wear on my feet?

Wearing a clean, dry pair of athletic sneakers is your best option. No sandals, flip-flops, or boots will be permitted on the floor.
Does The Warrior Factory have trainers who can help me?

During open play there will always be staff on the floor offering tips and tricks to help you overcome any obstacle.
Do you have invitations for birthday parties?

We recently teamed up with theinvite.shop to bring customers high quality low cost invites! Check them out!
How do your Private Parties work?

Parties are set up so guests get 60 minutes in the obstacle park and 45 minutes in one of our party rooms for pizza and/or cake.
When should I show up for my party?

We recommend that you show up 15 minutes before your scheduled time to ensure all the kids have their waivers filled out and can be ready to start as soon as their time begins!
Can I bring in my own snacks during our party?

Yes! Each party room has its own refrigerator and freezer. We encourage you to bring additional food or beverage.
Do I have to pay if I am just watching?

No. Only individuals that are participating will be required to pay.
Do you have food/snacks on site?

There is a vending machine located in the main lobby.
Can I take photos/video in your facility?

Please! We encourage all photos and videos to be taken and posted! Tag us on social media @thewarriorfactory
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